The Campaign Dutch Beer Styles is a collaboration of various beer lovers, companies and organisations. Our goal is to promote Dutch beer styles and beer history. We do this by, among other things, spreading knowledge about Dutch historic beer styles, reproducing Dutch historic beers, and bringing together people and organisations who take an interest in them.



Het bier is weer bestThe Netherlands have a rich beer history. From the herb-based medieval gruit ales to the turbulent expansion of lager at the end of the 19th century, brewers and beer styles have come and gone. In the 14th century, Dutch brewers learnt to use hops, and spread their knowledge to other countries, like Belgium, England and France. English even took the word ‘beer’ from Dutch! Brewing was different from what is now, with long boils and surprising mixing processes. Beers were aged for a long time or drunk very fresh. They could be made with herbs, spontaneously fermented, drunk warm or exported to the Dutch East Indies.


Dutch historic beers

So, throughout the centuries the Netherlands have known many special beers. We’d like to taste these beers again! Therefore, we strive not only to spread knowledge, but also to encourage brewers to bring a few of these historic beers back to life. In 2014 the medieval Kuit beer was revived, followed in 2015 by Luiks (‘Liege beer’) which contains over 50% of spelt.



On Sunday afternoon 21 June 2015 we organise the second Festival Historic Dutch Beer Styles in Utrecht. Submerge yourself in the history of Dutch beers, with talks on the rich Dutch beer history, a tour of former breweries, various other activities and of course: beer. In various pubs you can taste renowned old beer styles, barrel-aged, with herbs or with unusual grains. There are lectures, guided tours of the city’s former breweries and a beer quiz.


Visiting the Netherlands

If you plan to visit the Netherlands, there are plenty of historic beer-related places you can visit, and of course, historic beers you can drink. A few museums you could consider are:


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To contact us, send an e-mail to info@bierstijlen.nl or call Leen Alberts at +31 6-19006919.